One of the more interesting studies out there is that of the criminal mind. Criminologists study what goes on inside the heads of those that break the law, whether they are violent serial killers, or whether they are seemingly friendly white collar criminals. They study crime scenes and look for clues as to the mind set of a criminal, and tries to pinpoint why lawbreakers do the things that they do. If you are interested in criminology, you might find the following slideshows fascinating. There are 17 excellent slideshows of infamous crimes and criminals:

Crimes and Crime Scenes

Take a look at famous crimes and crime scenes. A reminder of what people really do to each others, and an interesting insight into the criminal mind, just by the way a crime is perpetrated.

  1. Alcatraz Slideshow: Even though Alcatraz was a prison, there were plenty of crimes committed by inmates. And, of course, it was home to some of the most infamous criminals ever. This slide show is available on
  2. Crime Scene Photos: Get access to actual crime scene photos taken at some of the most infamous crimes ever. From Ted Bundy to the Hillside Stranglers, you can see actual coroner photos and crime scene photos. They’re graphic, though, so be warned.
  3. Computer Crimes: This PowerPoint slide presentation takes you through computer crime, and talks about the most common types. It is an interesting guide to the different ways computers can be used in crime.
  4. Re-creating a crime scene in Long Beach: When a state trooper was shot in Long Beach, Washington, the crime scene was re-created. This interesting slideshow offers a look at how crime scenes are re-created.
  5. West Chester Regional SWAT Team raids residences: This slideshow offers a look at what happens when a SWAT team raids in West Chester homes in Pennsylvania. An interesting look at SWAT, and crime scenes in a case that stirred controversy for use of force by law enforcement.
  6. Unsolved Case Squad: The Gold Coast Killings: Recent killings on California’s “Gold Coast” are raising eyebrows due to the nature of them. Indeed, as MSNBC reports, there are big question marks, since this affluent area is considered safe, and a mother and father are among the murdered.
  7. Steve McNair and Sahel Kasemi Crime Scene: When football player Steve McNair was found shot dead, along with mistress Sahel Kazemi. The news was quite shocking to many, since he was considered to be a good player, with few skeletons in his closet. These photos show the crime scene, and offer a look at a famous killing.
  8. Bomb scare at criminal justice center: This bomb scare in Austin, Texas, includes some interesting crime scene photos. Get a look at crime scenes surrounding bomb scares, and what happens when one is called in. An interesting type of crime scene.
  9. The Amityville Murders: One of the most famous crimes in U.S. history was that of the Amityville murders on Long Island, New York. The murders continue to fascinate, even 36 years later. These slides show the crime scene, and offer insight into what happened at 112 Ocean Avenue.


Slideshows showing different criminals. A helpful look at who has been through the criminal law system, including those who may not have committed physical violence, but might be involved in white collar crime.

  1. A Rogues Gallery of Financial Crime: An interesting look at different white collar criminals caught in illegal financial misdeeds. Includes some of the most well-known financial criminals from the last 20 years, including Bernie Madoff, Jerome Kerviel, Kenneth Lay and Nick Leeson.
  2. Crime Buffet: TruTv offers a slideshow of criminals who used food in their crimes. From a teenager who dropped a frozen turkey off an overpass to would-be criminals using yams to smuggle cocaine and marijuana, food really can be used in a number of criminal schemes. Although we’re not sure any of these criminals could be called “masterminds.”
  3. America’s 10 Most Famous Fraudsters: Learn the stories of famous fraudsters, from Bernie Madoff to Charles Ponzi (who gave his name to the scheme) to Martin Frankel. Famous criminals who didn’t have to assault anyone to get on the list of infamy.
  4. Prostitution Scandals of the Rich & Famous: This CNBC slideshow looks into the scandals that have rocked us in recent years. While some have been prosecuted criminally for their misdeeds, not all have been. But there are plenty of criminals in this slideshow, from Heidi Fleiss (who went to jail for tax evasion) to the D.C. Madam (convicted of racketeering). It’s interesting that many of these types of criminals go to jail for something other than prostitution related crimes.
  5. Van Der Sloot Suspect in Peru Slaying: Joran Van der Sloot was a suspect in the highly publicized disappearance of Natalee Holloway from Aruba. The Dutch national has a history of being considered violent — and a killer. He is also considered a suspect in the killing of Stephany Flores, and Peruvian police claim he confessed to killing a Peruvian woman. This slideshow looks at Van der Sloot, and his alleged crimes.
  6. Real-Life Crimes of The Wire Cast: The famous and popular TV show The Wire is no stranger to crime. While the stories may be fictional, some of the cast members of The Wire are bona fide criminals. TruTV offers a look at some of the real life crimes committed by these actors.
  7. Sins of the Flesh: Sex and crime go hand in hand, as you can see from this TruTV slideshow. Includes a story of a dancer who didn’t want new hires at her club attacking a new dancer with a stiletto, to a male stripper charged with impersonating a police officer in Scotland.
  8. The Many Faces of Serial Killers: One of the most difficult things about spotting a serial killer is how ordinary they can look — although some of them do look rather creepy. This great slideshow from Life offers a look at serial killers. From Son of Sam (David Berkowitz) to Jeffrey Dahmer to the BTK Killer, see photos of some of the most infamous serial killers ever.

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