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What is criminology other than a look into the past to gather evidence that might support justice for crime victims? Simple, that theory, but fraught with human elements, lack of evidence, a legal system that may not work effectively and criminals who, sometimes, are too lucky to be caught with their crimes. This list of the top 50 criminology blogs looks at all those issues and more.

Crime SceneThe Crime Scene

  1. Anchorage Daily News Crime Scene: This blog is dedicated to the general topic of crime and crime prevention in Alaska.
  2. Bonnie’s Blog of Crime: Follow this blog to get your fill of daily crime history, unsolved crimes, missing people and more.
  3. CLEWS Your Home for Historic True Crime: Return to some historic crime scenes to learn more about the evidence…or lack thereof.
  4. Crime Magazine: Soak up true crime, from organized crime to capital punishment, with a smattering of crime films and studies.
  5. Early American Crime: Follow this exploration into social and cultural history behind crime and punishment in colonial America and in the early U.S.
  6. In Cold Blog: This blog is a multi-contributor true crime blog founded by Los Angeles Times & Borders International best selling author Corey Mitchell.
  7. Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem: A look back at unsolved cases with current commentary penned by author Robert Waters.
  8. Pacific Crime Blog: This blog deals with crime, media, criminology and criminal justice with reference to the Pacific Region.
  9. SCI Blog: Offered up by the National Museum of Crime and Punishment, this blog returns to the crime scene.
  10. Seattle 911: Follow the latest crimes and look into the scene with three reporters who work the Seattle beat.
  11. SFGate Crime Scene: This is the San Francisco Chronicle/ blog on crime in the Bay Area and beyond.
  12. The Crime Scene: Crime in and around southwest Missouri, a blog that won “Rookie Blog of the Year 2009.”
  13. The Miami Herald Crime Scene: Take a walk on the wild side with Jennifer Lebovich and Andrea Torres as they cover Miami’s crime beat.
  14. The Washington Post’s Crime Scene: Reporters cover crime and the police departments in the Washington, D.C., area, national and international crime, courthouse and justice issues.
  15. True Crime Cases by The Jakester: This is a good place for one and all to chat about “truth, lies and murder and any other true crime we want to discuss.”

Forensic EvidenceThe Forensic Evidence

  1. All About Forensic Psychology: David Webb showcases and reviews the very best forensic psychology information on the Internet.
  2. All About Forensic Science: The blog is timely and constantly updated, but this entire site is worthy for your bookmarks and for future forensic reference.
  3. Crimson Shadows: If you like forensic psychology, then check out this blog, written by a person versed in cyber forensics and undisclosed legal & psychology research.
  4. Forensic 4cast: If you don’t have time to read, you might want to listen to these podcasts that focus on forensic investigation.
  5. Forensic Science Blog: Created and maintained by the forensics class at the University of Florida, this blog contains a wide variety of forensic topics.
  6. Forensics Talk: Provided by a forensic nurse with 35 years of clinical nursing experience, along with Medico-legal Death Investigation training peppered with criminology.
  7. In the News: Dr. Karen Franklin, a forensic psychologist, presents a blog that focuses on forensic psychology, criminology and psychology law.
  8. Mind Hacks: Find out what goes on in your brain, and whether or not it correlates to that of a criminal’s mind.
  9. Neurological Correlates: An exploration into dysfunctional behavior, mostly psychopathic or narcissistic with a sideline into obesity and addiction.
  10. Postcards from the Id: A father, husband and forensic psychologist examines the “lighter” side of clinical and forensic psychology.
  11. The Charles Smith Blog: Follow this blog if you want to learn more about failures provided by forensic pathologists and within pathology.
  12. Tillers on Evidence and Inference: Learn about the law of evidence, inference and investigation involved in criminal behavior.

Criminal Trial for a Suspected WitchCriminal Law

  1. Controlling Authority: This is a legal studies blog that looks at the checks and balances — or the lack of that balance — within legal authority.
  2. Crime and Consequences Blog: This blog tackles crime and criminal law from the perspective of crime victims and law-abiding public, sponsored by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.
  3. Crime & Federalism: The mission behind this blog is to expose prosecutorial, police, and other governmental misconduct.
  4. CrimLaw: Focused on Virginia topics, but this blog goes beyond that state’s borders to provide substantial resources in criminal law.
  5. CrimProf Blog: Kevin Cole, Dean and Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law, provides insights into criminal law.
  6. Defending People: “The Tao of criminal defense trial lawyering” explained in this blog.
  7. Executed Today: This blog is filled with history, sociology, biography, criminology, law and kismet.
  8. Expert Witness Blog: Follow news and reviews about expert witnesses through this blog, maintained by JurisPro, an expert witness directory.
  9. Legal Theory Blog: This blog provides the meat behind the blood that pumps this country’s justice system.
  10. Overcriminalized: This blog operates under the conviction that criminal laws make it possible for the government to convict a person even if he acted without criminal intent.
  11. Pardon Power: This blog follows the latest news regarding presidential pardons and the pardon power (or clemency powers) as exercised in each state.
  12. Sentencing Law and Policy: Douglas A. Berman and William B. Saxbe from the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University provide information about how sentences are formed and meted.
  13. The Innocence Project: This blog is part of a national project focused on exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing.
  14. The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog: This blog is part of The Real Cost of Prisons Project, which seeks to broaden and deepen the organizing capacity of prison/justice activists working to end mass incarceration.
  15. Trials & Tribulations: In-depth reporting on various and current court cases involving true crime.
  16. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Ellen S. Podgor, professor of law at Stetson University College of Law, leads readers into the rings around white collar crime.

Murder VictimSpecifically Criminology

  1. Bent Society: Based in Great Britain, this blog is maintained by a “growing band of concerned and dedicated undercover criminologists” and others who provide insight into UK crime.
  2. Cambridge’s Ph.D. Candidates’ Criminology Blog: This blog calendars events for a specific audience, but it also offers public news and commentary on criminology.
  3. Centre of Criminology Library Blog: The University of Toronto provides a blog resource for news, research and opinion about criminology.
  4. Chris Uggen’s Blog: Learn more about sociology, criminology and “self-indulgery” from Christopher Uggen, a professor in Minnesota.
  5. The General Blog of Crime: This blog is a crime blog maintained by criminologists who are grad school friends.
  6. Irish Criminology Research Network: This blog is for researchers, students, academics and practitioners with an interest in criminology and the Irish criminal justice system.
  7. University of Tampa Criminology Blog: The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice provides a blog focused on the criminal justice system.

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